23 pearls of wisdom for Life & Business in 2023…

  1. People buy with emotion and then justify with logic
  2. You can also lead with logic but you must get the customer excited emotionally too, or they will not buy
  3. Tell your prospects the price, then be silent. Overjustifying makes you appear defensive and weakens your position
  4. Learning current in-demand skills is the modern way to get rich
  5. Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make
  6. You can become wealthy, by being valuable to others
  7. Your bank account is a reflection of the value you provide to the marketplace. The good news is, it’s ‘movable’ i.e. increase your value to the marketplace and your bank account will follow
  8. Get more new clients, by taking care of existing clients and getting them results
  9. Sell the result your product provides, not the product
  10. If you have everything set up correctly, you can make money online from scratch within 60 days
  11. Customers don’t really care about your product/service…they care about what it can do for them
  12. The market isn’t crowded or saturated, you just need to provide more value to be compelling to buyers
  13. If you have a great product/service and offer great value, you don’t have to be that good at sales
  14. If you don’t have a great product and offer great value, you could be the best salesperson in the world, you’re going to struggle
  15. If you can live in a country where the cost of living is cheap, and work remotely earning $’s or £’s, you will get ahead faster and farther than most people living in Western countries
  16. Money is abundant. To think otherwise is a scarcity mindset and will set you back
  17. Being wealthy in modern times, means being healthy, financially secure and freedom to control your own time
  18. You don’t need a crazy amazing new idea to make money. You can take a tried and tested idea and just sell it passionately
  19. Don’t try to create demand. Be the supplier where there already is demand
  20. A strong guarantee makes an offer irresistible and difficult to refuse
  21. Getting rich quickly isn’t a scam. Getting rich easily is
  22. Provide more value to your customers first, then you can charge higher prices
  23. If you become an asset to a customer combined with genuinely giving a s**t about them, you become extremely valuable and irreplaceable

Make 2023 your year. You got this👊

Mark Villarosa
Mark Villarosa - Online Marketing Consultant

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