Protect and guard your energy

Surround yourself with people who align with the vision of your ideal future

ENERGY is everything. And EVERYTHING is energy.

If you’re an introvert or creative person you’ll know exactly what I mean 🙂

Esp. when you’re starting a new project or building your own business, challenges will come.

And while you might choose to be positive and believe you can overcome them, the people you tell may not be as confident or optimistic as you are. ⁣

Through genuine worry and fear for you and their own concerns and beliefs about their own capabilities, they will be radiating energy into your field that won’t serve you. ⁣

These people may truly care for you. But their energy may drag you down instead of lifting you.

They may not voice their concerns to you, but if they ⁣catch up with friends and share their worry and concern that energy spreads and becomes amplified.

So what should you do? keep all your good news and challenges to yourself? Become a hermit?

No, of course not. Not even if you’re an introvert 😅

You should not do everything on your own. ⁣No one is an island.

But just like collective fear and negative energy can hinder you, a collective vision of you ⁣that is capable, courageous, clear and progressing can also dramatically uplift you.

Having support is essential, and that support should come from people who can hold that vision ⁣for you, while also allowing you to have the occasional ⁣breakdown and pity party😅

If your vision is to build a dream business, that gives you time and freedom to do what you love…

Surround yourself with people who have vision and clarity, people who believe in freedom and turning dreams into reality, people who are business-minded, action takers.

People who believe it’s possible.

Be selective.

Surround yourself with people who align with the vision of your ideal future.

Mark Villarosa
3-step guide to find your purpose and start building your dream business

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