The first step to building a business you love…

It’s tough building your own business – when you don’t have a big budget or lots of money to invest.

The good news is, you don’t have to start with mega bucks.

Start small. Start with free online tools. Absorb as much as you can from free training videos.

Keep costs low and learning high.

Here are some examples of businesses that can be started online with low to minimal cost…

-Online Marketer

-Freelance sales consultant

-Graphic Designer

-Video editor

-Web designer



-Content digital creator

-Private online tutor/teacher/mentor/therapist

-Personal virtual coach


If you have any skills, talents or experiences you’ve built up in life – these can be transformed into a business that serves others.

You may be surprised that an underutilised or even undiscovered talent you took for granted, is something people will gladly pay you to help them with🙌

There will always be someone who knows less than you do, these are the people you can help.

The first step to building a business you love aligned with who you are is to clarify your purpose, discover your unique voice, and identify your key strengths.

When you have this in place, attracting the right customers to your business becomes much easier.

I show you how to do this, in my free 3-step guide.

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3-step guide to find your purpose and start building your dream business

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