Slow down, to speed up…

Early morning sunshine, coffee☕️ and view. Some of the simple things I love to do.

I’ve learned that whenever I’m out of balance, it’s probably because I’m forcing things, pressuring myself beyond points of exhaustion, not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually.

There’s great power in returning and communing with the simple things in life. Things you can control. Things that are always in your control.


🙏Taking a moment to take in the beauty and majesty of nature
🙏Breathing deeply
🙏Being ok with taking a break
🙏Welcoming change, even if it scares you. Even if it hurts
🙏Forgiving others, and esp. yourself

Slow down, to speed up.

If you work that saying out? you will have unlocked one of the great mysteries that keep others stuck.

Think of the simplest things you can control today, that will give you happiness and peace. And do them.

Mark Villarosa

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