Everything you seek, is contained in this 1 word…

Enjoying a cold beer by the river, watching these beautiful swans glide by.

They made it look so easy : )

Underneath the surface, they weren’t gliding, they were paddling, and against the current, probably paddling furiously😄

But you wouldn’t know it. Above the surface, they looked calm, graceful, composed, you could say, even, regal👑

Tough times come to us all. There will be times when you feel you’re swimming upstream, against the current, pulled around by situations outside of your control.

The way you can help yourself stay calm and composed is to have a clear sense of purpose.

When your purpose is clearly and deeply defined in your mind, heart and soul, every seemingly impossible challenge you encounter becomes just another obstacle you need to manoeuvre around towards your destination.

You’re more able to withstand storms and gales, patiently allowing them to eventually blow out, and then continuing on your journey, unfazed and undeterred.

If you seek success, material wealth, happiness, peace of mind or whatever else you desire…

Seek to know your deepest purpose first {!firstname_fix}.

Your purpose is a treasure chest, where these things are contained, waiting to be unlocked.

For now, mine is to enjoy this beer🍺:)

Mark Villarosa

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