Are you a Creative Person 💥 with your own business?

Firstly, what’s a creative person?…

Well, in my opinion, it’s anyone with an open mind, a positive attitude, and imagination.

Building a business as a creative individual also requires 4 things….

Visibility. Consistency. Focus. Certainty.

Most people tend to struggle with these,

💥 Putting yourself out there (boldly and clearly)

💥 Marketing your business proudly

💥 Confidently pricing your products or services to reflect your time and self-worth

💥 Being consistent, esp. when you don’t feel like it

💥 Breaking free of limiting self-beliefs

All of these things require a willingness to learn, grow and be uncomfortable.

It requires overcoming negative self–worth, fear of sales, fear of being seen/judged/rejected and failing.

But learning to do all of this…is WORTH it.

To be able to stand confidently behind a business you built, that you can be proud of, that helps others, and allows you to make money while doing the things you really love…

That’s a dream most people can only wish for.

With the right guidance, and support combined with action, this is a dream that can become a reality.

One of the things you’ve probably also experienced while building your business is feeling alone.

This is where I can help. I’m the online business coach for creative people.

I’m launching an exclusive ‘members-only’ online coaching group soon called “The Freedom To Be Community”.

This will be a private place for you to learn & grow as a creative individual and a place for you to be supported while growing your business.

Coming soon! : ) Stay tuned.


Mark Villarosa - the Online Business Coach to Creative People

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