Harsh Reality Check…

For many people the average govt. pension will not be enough to live on when the time comes 

In the UK it’s around £8,000 annually, or £671 per month.

If you don’t own your own home, or have savings set aside, that may not be enough to cover housing, utilities, food and generally just living decently.

Now is the time to start learning how to start and grow your own side hustle or main business ‘online’.

Online gives you a fighting chance to transform what you –

⏺️Are good at and interested in
⏺️Can teach others
⏺️Are passionate about

And turn it into an actual business, where your marketplace and customers are unlimited because of the internet.

Building a business online will give you a fighting chance to stand with grace and dignity with the life you really want and deserve -without depending on the govt. or a job to sustain you.

I’m 51 yrs old. Most of you following me are probably in your 40s+? it’s time to start thinking proactively about the future.

The time is now, while you still can.

Let’s turn your passion 🔥 into a purpose, and your purpose into a business; Then let’s make that business earn while you sleep.

I’m launching an online business coaching group very soon to help creatives, empaths & introverts with exactly this sort of thing.

Coming soon!


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