5 signs you’re successful in life, even if your path is ‘untraditional’

Everyone’s path is different, some are more different than others.

It may be you were told, taught or influenced by societal traditions to follow a certain path when you were younger – but you always had a niggling feeling you were meant for something else.

Maybe at some point in your life, you decided to follow this new path, yet question yourself as to whether you’ve done the right thing?

Everyone else seems to be doing great doing the ‘traditional’ things.

Well, maybe you’re simply taking the road less travelled that still ultimately leads to self-fulfilment and happiness.

But how do you know this?

After reflecting deeply on my personal journey and the unique path I’ve travelled (and still am), I’ve collected 5 signs that show you’re successful in life, even if your path is ‘untraditional’ compared to others.

Here they are…

  1. You’ve embraced the unique rhythm of your journey

The path to deep self-fulfilment, success and happiness is never a straight line. It dips, turns, sometimes drops sharply, then rises again. It may even abruptly pause while contemplating a new obstacle. I think you get the picture : )

If you’ve learned to accept this rhythm? you’ve tapped into an incredibly powerful secret that has eluded, frustrated and confounded many.

It’s the journey not the destination where you find yourself.

2. You view failures as stepping stones

You now see failures as lessons to be learned from. And instead of being hardened, calloused and closed, your strength comes from becoming even more compassionate, wise, open and forgiving of yourself and others because of what you’ve learned.

3. You value relationships over wealth

In my 20’s and 30’s I was driven by pursuing money and the ‘appearance’ of wealth and status. Nice car, fast motorcycle, cool clothes, fame and status.

Now, I realise that although money can provide security, comfort and options in life it can never replace having good relationships with people you care about.

All the money in the world becomes dull and lacklustre if you’re all alone while counting it.

Your success is a measure of the quality of the relationships you have with others.

4. You’re open to learning constantly

In our digital age, where everything is changing rapidly, you have embraced acquiring new knowledge as a gift, not a threat to be feared.

If you’re open to receiving new information that will help to sharpen, expand your horizons and improve yourself, this is a true sign of success. It shows you’re a benefit to yourself and to the people around you.

5. You find joy in the journey

I’ve always been a driven kind of person. I prided myself in setting a goal and doing my utmost to be true to my word in achieving it.

This often left me feeling depressed and frustrated, when the goal was not (yet) achieved.

Although it’s useful to have a timescale for when something must be achieved, you’ve learned to balance this out, by being patient during the process, and even appreciating the challenges leading up to reaching the goal.

You’ve learned to ‘see’ these moments as valuable stepping stones.

If you’ve managed to do all of these things, you’ve uncovered vital secrets, not just of success but of true happiness.

Stay tuned for another 5 signs, I’ll post them when I’ve written then 😀

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