If you want more sales, speak your customers ‘lingo’

How do I create more visibility for my business?

This is a common question I hear a lot…and it’s a valid question.

In my experience helping business owners over the last 10 years, I’ve found they often ‘bypass’ 5 (more important) questions they should be asking first, these are…

  1. Do I know who my ideal customer is?
  2. What are their exact pains/challenges?
  3. What’s their idea of relief from that pain?
  4. What’s their ideal/dream self once they’ve solved it?
  5. What are their blocks to let me help them?

It’s not enough to think you know it, or (worse) to guess.

Find out, research, ask, then write it down. Make it a solid integral part of your ‘business plan’.

Do you have a business plan?

If not – start one. And refer to it periodically to make sure you’re staying on track.

If you’re serious about wanting to grow your business, you need to treat this as a serious strategy.

Once you’ve thought this through carefully and are crystal-clear about the answers to each of those 5 questions///ONLY THEN/// should you be putting time, money and energy into creating more visibility for your business.

Here’s why…

If you don’t speak your ideal customers ‘language’…even if you have an awesome website with tons of marketing and advertising you’ll still miss the mark, your message will fall on deaf ears and your money will be wasted.

You need to connect with your customers in the language they understand.


Now imagine this scenario, you have an amazing product or service that can help people…

You’re onstage in front of lots of people who could benefit from what you provide, and all you have to do is tell them about it.

There’s only one problem, they don’t speak English and you don’t know how to speak their language either.

No matter how amazing your offer is…it’s not going to go very well! 😅

Now imagine the opposite…you can speak their language!

Imagine being able to empathise with their pains and challenges, so you can articulate clearly how your offer can provide the relief and solutions they’re seeking.

BIG difference right?

And once you know their language, use it in your marketing, every chance you get.

Not only will you be able to connect with your customers better, they’re also more likely to like, trust and buy from you because you ‘get them’.

Mark Villarosa

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