These 5 Questions Could Reveal Your Purpose In Life

How to build a business based around your lifes purpose

What’s more important than money is that you’re happy, truly happy with what you’re doing – that’s also the only way you’ll stick at it long enough to see success. 

And almost always, when you’re happy and passionate about what you’re doing for a living, the money tends to follow (often in abundance)…likely ‘attracted’ to your positive vibes😉

 Choosing ‘what’ that thing is, shouldn’t be too difficult either. 

I’m a big believer of following your head and your heart – it’s been a winning combination for me through the years. 

Here are some additional idea starters to add to your thinking/creative process and to help ‘guide”you towards realising what your true passion in life is.

Knowing what this is could lead you in the direction of serving others with a business of your own – one that you can be energised, excited about and that also makes a lot of money:

  1. What’s your favourite hobby?
  2. What did you dream of being when you were a kid?
  3. What can you do for hours, lose track of time and still not be tired?
  4. What are you naturally good at?
  5. What do people always compliment that you do well?

And lastly…just imagine this: If all your basic living expenses were completely covered,so you wouldn’t have to worry about money – ever… 

What do you ‘see’ yourself doing that could serve others positively?


Mark Villarosa - Online Entrepreneur

7 Reasons Why you should Start a Business (you’re passionate about)

Mark VIllarorsa - Digital Entrepreneur and Musician

This pic is a throwback when I was invited to record a song for a charity CD in aid of mental health (something close to my heart I champion💪🙏).

It required a long tiring drive to a (beautiful) studio in Folkestone and back unpaid. But it didn’t matter to me. My ‘Why’ was more powerful.

As result of my contribution, I’ve made AWESOME new friends👭👫👬, helped spread awareness of mental health to others, and hopefully inspired people with my song.

I believe the same principle can (and should) be applied when starting your own business, and going after your dreams.

Don’t make the mistake of basing it on a fad, a trend, or just something that looks like it will make money. That’s not a strong enough ‘Why’.

Your ‘Why’ has to be powerful enough to get you out of bed on cold rainy mornings.

Powerful enough to keep you going despite not earning anything to start with.

Powerful enough to keep you going despite setbacks, discouragement, lack of support (maybe even from ones you love most).

Take it from me the ONLY way you stand a chance is if your ‘Why’ is something you’re PASSIONATE about.

So whatever that is for you – Build your Business around that. Here’s why:


  1. It’s probably your life’s calling!
  2. You will learn, grow and excel at being an awesome leader & human being building a business than you ever will just being someone’s employee.
  3. It will feel like play, rather then work.
  4. You will be Free in Spirit, Mind and Action to decide what’s best for you.
  5. Whether you make a little or a lot of money, you will inspire and help others by your example.
  6. In a big (or humble) way – You can change the world.
  7. You will be HAPPY (doing what you love tends to have that effect)😊

    Keep the love strong 💪


Mark Villarosa - Digital Entrepreneur and Musician

If you’d like to learn how to build an online business around the things you’re interested in, so you can be free to do the things you love, then join me here for a (free) training webinar.

What’s Your Higher Purpose In Life?…

Higher Purpose

You see countless posts about ‘higher purpose’ on social media, numerous books have been written on this subject too. 

It can be a fascinating topic of discussion.  

“What’s your higher purpose in life?” 

Now what if I told you, you fulfill your higher purpose in life all the time? like… 

When you took time out to help a friend in need. 

Or when you contributed time and money you could’ve spent on yourself towards a worthy cause that helped others instead. 

Or when you sat with your mother, your father, or your child…to keep them company, sensing they were comforted and happy with your presence. 

People will often equate higher purpose with a significant achievement that has to happen in their lives. 

But I believe the true measure of our achievements and goals…is how we affect others positively. 

Whenever you choose to act with kindness, compassion and love – in ANYTHING 

Take courage and feel no fear or doubt  Because in that moment you are elevated and fully aligned with your Higher Purpose, and that part of you that makes you shine at your core: Your soul. 


Mark Villarosa - Online Business Mentor & Coach

My name is Mark Villarosa. I’m an artist, musician & online entrepreneur.

I’m also on a mission to inspire and help people create the freedom to follow their passions by starting a business around what they love.