Your Monthly Schedule! Please Stick to it : )

From this point onwards, I’d like you to include one (or more) of these in your month!

Monthly To Do’s:

  • 1 lunch date with a good friend
  • Read 1 book that is enriching to your mind and soul
  • 1 Day in the great outdoors/nature
  • 1 night out with good friends
  • 1 Date Night (even if it’s treating yourself)
  • 1 Breakfast meetup with a good friend/s
  • 1 Movie night (in or out)
  • 1 Day serving others/or another selflessly
  • 1 Day COMPLETELY to yourself to enjoy as you please
  • Do one small thing every day that serves your core purpose


Mark Villarosa - Freedom To Be

How to Feel Good Every Day (or close enough :))

I’m a big fan of feeling good.

 I’ll go so far as to state my belief that feeling good is an essential if not the main key to achieving what you want in life – be that security, happiness, love, money, or success. 

When you feel good, you magnetise more good things to come your way. Your focus also tends to be more on opportunities, ideas, people, places, and situations that ‘feed’ those good feelings. 

This is when you set off a chain reaction – linking one good feeling to the next good feeling, one good idea to the next good idea, and one good opportunity to the next good opportunity, doors and paths seem to open up that didn’t even exist or occur to you before 

Until before you know it and as if by sheer luck, the things you desire in life are suddenly before you.

Here’s a formula I use that helps me to feel good every day (or close enough :)). 

I ‘reverse-engineer’ my dreams. 

I start at the ‘outcome’

I work on being crystal clear on what I want in the future. So clear in fact that the dream even has colour, sounds and yes even smells 😅

… i.e when I dream of working remotely on a beach paradise location? I smell the salt of the ocean, feel the warm breeze, and see the amazingly clear blue of the water reflected by the great blue cloudless sky; I experience every sensation in my dreams. 

Then I work my way backwards to where I am now in the present…firstly being grateful for everything I already have…and then thinking of ‘small’ do-able things I can do, to make that dream a reality… and I simply keep doing those things…every-single-day. 

They’re small enough that they are absolutely achievable –  So it could be simple things like putting up a picture of the beach on my vision board, learning more about the island I want to go to, or speaking to people who already live the kind of lifestyle I want, and learning and applying how they did it. 

Anything and everything I do and complete on a daily basis towards that dream?… I count it as a ‘success” for that day, no matter how small the ‘win.

This is how I nurture and maintain a mindset of feeling good, being optimistic and ‘certain’ that I’m on my way towards living that dream someday very soon.


Mark Villarosa - Freedom To Be

My name is Mark. I’m an artist, musician & online entrepreneur.

I’m also on a mission to inspire and help people create the freedom to follow their passions by starting a business around what they love.

Focus your ENERGY on Feeling Good

Ever notice how when you’re feeling great, good things just seem to happen naturally and effortlessly for you? 

And when you’re feeling not so great, the opposite happens. Someone could even greet you in a pleasant, lovely way – and it only makes you more annoyed  😅

 I believe that Feelings are DIRECTLY connected (and the key) to what we create and make happen in our lives (good or bad). 

To keep things simple, this is what I believe… Once you know (and are clear about) what you want: Ask the Universe for it. 

Then get the f*** out of the way 😅

 And you do that…by working on your ‘energy’. Work on feeling good…constantly

Whether you do this by taking time out… self-reflection… self-love…physically working your body and flooding it with endorphins…surrounding yourself with good people…communing with the beauty of nature….spending time with a 5-year-old…listening to the nostalgic stories of an 85-year-old… 

Do whatever works…to make you feel good

Because only after all the ‘blocks’ are removed in your life…can your dreams find their way to you. 

After you’ve clearly asked for what you want and continually work on feeling loving, positive, happy & grateful… 

Relax and allow your dreams to come to you


Mark VIllarorsa - Digital Entrepreneur and Musician