What’s your biggest fear?…

Received this testimonial from Steve, one of my Freedom To Be members. 

He’s a great guy and wants his business to flourish so he can help more students. I love that ✊🏼🔥

One of the bravest things he’s done is to accept his fear of marketing and to seek the help he needs.

Steve GVMA client testimonial

Overwhelm and fear are real…but so is courage ✊🏼

I can help and support you in growing your business if you reach out.

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“5 must-have digital assets to grow your business online”


Calling all creative people🔥

It’s a brand new year and this is YOUR year to turn your dreams into a thriving creative business!

Make 2024 the chapter where your creativity takes centre stage and your business skyrockets to new heights 🚀✨

Embrace the journey, hustle with heart, and watch your ideas transform into successes.

Here’s your roadmap for 2024💪

1) Dream big + Action: Dreaming is where it starts, but action is where it takes flight. Set goals and take bold steps toward them.

2) Collaborate: Surround yourself with fellow creative people, collaborators and mentors. You’ll rise higher and achieve more surrounded by supportive people.

3) Learn & Adapt: The creative journey is a constant evolution. Embrace learning, adapt to change, and let it fuel your growth.

4) Passion-Driven Persistence: Your passion is your superpower. Let it drive your persistence, turning challenges into stepping stones toward success.

5) Celebrate EVERY win: Whether big or small, celebrate your victories. Each step forward is a win that brings you closer to your creative aspirations.

Remember, your unique creative voice and individuality are your strongest assets. Let them resonate in 2024! 🎉

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Mark Villarosa

What’s ‘your’ purpose?

Whether you’re an established entrepreneur or a creative start-up business owner, there’s one word that can transform your business: “Purpose.”👉

What’s Purpose? 🤔

Purpose is your reason for being. It’s about sharing your gifts and doing what you love; it’s about the positive impact you want to create in the world, the change you want to see.

So, what’s ‘your’ purpose?

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Mark Villarosa