How to Use Your Dreams to Lead You to Your True Purpose in Life

Can I ask you something?

What gets you up out of bed, on a chilly Monday morning, it’s still dark outside when the alarm starts beeping at you, and all you want to do is switch it off, curl up and sleep some more.

If you’re like most people the answer to that question, is probably a job.

It gets you up because you have to get up. Having a job is a good thing right? It provides you with an income to pay the bills, go on holidays, go out shopping, and have a sit-down dinner at a nice restaurant to treat yourself to. Those are all good things and I’m not knocking any of them.

But when I cast my mind back to when I was young. I don’t remember dreaming of waking up early in the morning to go to an office, working at a desk for hours on end, hardly seeing daylight, and then going home in rush hour traffic – to do the same thing all over again the next day.

I don’t remember that being my dream.

My dreams were of me, playing music, there were smiling faces of the people I would play and sing to, and I made lots of people happy.

Me aged 5 playing my Dads keyboard

I dreamed of adventure.

Travelling to strange and wondrous places and making many new friends along the way in amazing new lands.

Those were the dreams I had.

I think as we grew older, many of us were taught to suppress our natural inclinations to believe we could be whatever we wanted to be by well-meaning loved ones who wanted the best for us; but in wishing to protect us from falling and hurting ourselves, clipped our wings, and grounded us.

What were your dreams? What or Who did you want to become? Do you still think about it from time to time? Or maybe a lot?

I believe the dreams we have, especially when we were young, are the purest essence of who we really are, and are meant to be while on this earth.

The reality of it is, that many of us have responsibilities (rent, mortgages, families) that require us to stay committed to our jobs. But there are ways that you can still connect with those dreams and to the person, your young self believed you could be.

I’m a big fan of lists! I challenge you to write one for yourself, a list of ways to stay close to your dreams and to get closer to living a life aligned with your dreams.

Here’s one I made, as an idea starter for you.

  1. Take a home study course on the particular thing you dream of doing or becoming
  2. Research online forums where people are discussing what you’re passionate about and JOIN IN the discussion
  3. See if there are any local clubs or communities where people are also into what you love, and be a part of that community
  4. Volunteer for charities that are involved in helping young people achieve those dreams
  5. Find a mentor to emulate or use as inspiration; Someone who managed to achieve the things you dreamed of
  6. Partner up with an “accountability buddy” – ask a good friend to keep you accountable for things you say you’ll do to get closer to your dream. Set dates of things you intend to do, and ask your friend to check if you get them done

What else would you add to the list?

My message to you is: Don’t. Give. Up. On. Your. Dreams.

Stay close to them in any way you can.

I’m a great believe that dreams are a “language” your soul uses to communicate your deepest and highest purpose in life.

And if you find, that you have dreams that won’t seem to go away? But keep coming back to nudge you every so often? Then maybe that’s your soul trying to tell you something.

Maybe it’s trying to remind you, who you really are.

Mark Villarosa - Digital Entrepreneur

My name is Mark.

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How to Identify Your Life’s Calling and Use it to Set-Up Your Own Business

How to build a business based around your lifes purpose

It’s not usual for people to have a clearly defined sense of their life’s calling so don’t worry if you haven’t quite discovered what yours is yet.

I experienced this in a job a few years ago. I was starting to feel restless. My full-time position didn’t excite or stimulate me anymore and it didn’t help that I wasn’t getting along well with my boss either.

I decided I needed financial and professional independence and to do the kind of work that was aligned with the things I loved and valued as an individual.

I felt that going my own way to set up my own business was the best way to accomplish those goals…on my terms.

If you want more clarity on what your life’s calling is and how to combine it with starting a business of your own…

The following 2 tips could help you get started.

1. Make Lists

How to use lists to build a business from scratch

Lists can help you organise your ideas and answer tough questions that need to be asked to discover your calling and your purpose in life. Dedicate time to sitting down, doing a bit of brainstorming and soul searching and record the results of your session.

Start by making 3 separate lists.

a) Create a list of things you enjoy doing. Record everything. Even if an idea sounds ridiculous and lacking in business potential. Many of these seemingly ridiculous, impossible ideas could potentially be refined and transformed into a solid business plan later on.

b) Create a second list of activities you enjoy so much you’d be willing to do them for free. Don’t think about the money, focus on what makes you happy.

c) And lastly, make a list of things you can’t live without (have fun with this : )).

Once you’re done, take some time to carefully compare your lists. Do any similarities/patterns emerge? These similarities and patterns could be the emerging ‘blueprint’ of your life’s true calling and also what your ideal life could look like.

By thinking it and simply writing it down, you’ve made the reality of it happening much more tangible than you could ever imagine!

2. Give it time

Don’t worry if your life’s calling appears vague or too abstract to transform into a solid, practical business plan. Over-analysing will do little to clarify things at this stage.

Give yourself time. Allow the idea to evolve at its own pace. Soon, you’ll be able to understand what you’re meant to do.

Your life’s calling could be complex and difficult to define at first but this is perfectly natural; the pieces may need to slowly come together so that eventually your purpose becomes clear. See this diagram below.

How to build a business around your passion and interests

The most important thing is to make sure the concepts and activities in your lists give you a feeling of self-fulfilment and get you excited.

If you’re going to set up your own business trust me, it’s better to build it around things you’re interested in and passionate about.

You’re going to need a lot of stamina and energy to see it through and that can only be sustained long-term if you’re doing something you genuinely love and believe in.

Mark Villarosa - Artist, Musician and Digital Entrepreneur

My name is Mark.

I’m on a mission to help others start & build their own online business so they can create the freedom to follow their passions and do what they love.

I invite you to watch this Video Training Series so you can learn how.

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