You May Not Want To Start an Online Business. Here’s Why…

In the interests of being upfront with you, I want to share the side of online business entrepreneurship which rarely gets talked about. The darker side… 

Let’s be honest, the internet is awash with slick glossy video ads showing people enjoying a free and flexible lifestyle having seemingly built an online business with ease. 

You may have seen online ads where people show off their expensive cars, or talking about their financial achievements by the pool of a stunning beach location. 

It may look exciting and impressive and those people have probably earned all the things they’re showing you but what you don’t see, is the amount of hard work it took to get them to that point.

Because if it was that easy, why isn’t everyone doing it right? 

Well, the truth is…esp. now that social media and the internet are a lot more accessible than ever before a hell of a lot of people are doing it…but very few last or make it…because it’s SERIOUSLY HARD.

Yes there are unbelievable opportunities available to us (more than ever) in this new digital economy. And yes it’s easier than it’s ever been in modern history to connect with an entire global audience and make a staggering amount of money for comparatively little effort compared to the world our parents and grandparents lived in.  

An inescapable fact, is that you still have to build a business.

And building a business comes with many challenges that will try to block, obstruct, defy, demoralise, deny and defeat you.

You’ll probably want to quit (repeatedly). 

You may be criticized by those around you including people close to you who may doubt you, or just take a step back from supporting you. 

You’ll probably start to doubt yourself (constantly). 

You’ll have to overcome dark emotions like fear, anxiety, overwhelm etc…

You’ll feel way out of your depth (most of the time). 

You’ll lose sleep. 

You’ll have to learn tremendous willpower to summon energy, sometimes when you have very little left to give. 

You’ll have to learn how to keep calm and steady, when all you want to do is run, hide or panic. 

You’ll have to learn to ignore the negative voices in your head, you’ll have to learn to trust your heart, trust your instinct…and trust yourself. 

I could go on. But I think you get the picture.

So although the gloss and glamour of starting and growing a successful online business attracts a lot of people to start it…the reality is that very few will ever make it. 

Why? Because only a small percentage of people on the planet are crazy enough to put themselves through all the above.

But for the few of us who do, the rewards are immense and ridiculously vast…for the same reasons (in reverse)…there is so much wealth to be had, because very few make it to the end to enjoy the rewards. 

And btw I’m not just talking about money – I’m also talking about who you have to become in order to succeed. To become the kind of person who succeeds, you have to become unstoppable, unbreakable and unwavering in all areas of your life. 

You’ll have to develop a ‘core’ and foundation so strong, storms cannot break you. 

And when that happens (and only when that happens), will the universe open up and ‘make way’ for you. There will be no more limits to what you can achieve.

People who don’t have an entrepreneurial spirit and who won’t ever make it tend to say things like… 

95% of new businesses fail within the first 2 years, so it’s likely you’ll fail too.

Is there luck involved? 

Succeeding as an entrepreneur has very little to do with ‘luck’ and everything to do with persistence, resilience and perseverance.  Every single person who has ever made it, did so because they NEVER stopped trying and doing, no matter what stood in their way. 

And every single person who never made it, failed because they gave up, if not at the first hurdle then somewhere along the way, when things got too tough. 

If more people knew it was less about chance and luck and more about persistent, steady action, then we’d see more and more people making it as entrepreneurs.

The harder you work on developing yourself, the better you get, and the better you get, the more “lucky breaks” you get. And it all starts with positive, affirmative ACTION repeated consistently over time, until the goal is achieved.

So here’s my message to you

Are you crazy enough to go down this path? Where challenges, overwhelm, fear, anxiety, judgement, doubt, criticism, lack of sleep and a whole raft of other challenges and tests will come your way at every turn?

Am I making it sound attractive enough yet? 

IF the outcome and reward at the end of overcoming your challenges is to achieve total freedom and the ability to raise the quality and standard in ALL areas of your life, then you’ll probably see the rewards as (more than) worth the challenge.

That’s also why I became involved with the SFM. 

Fyi, I was never promised an easy ride, but I see the reward of making it through the challenges and struggles and coming out the other side as being totally worth all of the hard work I need to put in.

Join me and get started now, right here.

The only time that we ever have and truly ‘own’, is this moment. The present moment. Right now. 

Remember, circumstances will never be perfect and all the roads you have yet to travel esp if they’re to destinations as yet unknown will be scary at first. But if you wait for circumstances to be perfect or for absolute certainty before embarking on your journey, you may be waiting to get going…for the rest of your life.

If you want something different from your life, you have to do something different. It’s time to start taking different actions if you want to see different results.

Find out what the SFM and its community of entrepreneurs can do for you by getting started here.

And you know what? If it’s really not for you, there’s a 30-day money back guarantee. So there’s absolutely zero risk.

Are you worth investing $30 (£24) in?

Are you going to wait for perfect conditions and circumstances? Or are you going to be bold, be an action taker and take the first step towards changing your life today…

To your success,


My personal journey (so far).


About Mark:

Mark is presently working as a senior corporate online sales consultant while building his digital business and brand as an affiliate marketer. He’s also written a book on online marketing published on Amazon, written and produced several musical albums released on iTunes and helps people make a start in transforming their passions in life into an online business of their own.

Why salespeople make GREAT online entrepreneurs…

Mark Villarosa - Digital Entprepreneur

Salespeople make GREAT online entrepreneurs because they’re resourceful, driven and passionate people – making them natural entrepreneurs.

They may just need a ‘wake up call’ to realise their talents can also be put to use building something meaningful for themselves.

I’ve spent over 20 years of my life in sales jobs working for various companies over the years.

It’s also one of the reasons I decided to become an online entrepreneur and start my own business.

Although I earned a decent salary and was generally happy in my job, I also couldn’t help feeling there had to be more to life than just sitting at a desk, on the telephone, making sales calls all day.

If I’m honest? I was also afraid…of regret. 

I was afraid of staying in the same spot I was in; same desk, doing the same daily office routine building someone else’s dream.

I was afraid of looking back on my life years later, regretting not starting my own business when I still had the chance.

And that’s the exact moment I realised I wanted and needed change.

I’ve come to realise I’m not alone. 

So many talented, motivated, hard working salespeople are presently in jobs where they’re selling their time for money.

They put their energy in hitting sales targets, reaching for their bosses goals and building their companies dreams instead of reaching for their own dreams by building something for themselves.

One day I was watching some videos on YouTube… 

I came across a guy explaining that ‘anyone’ who was willing to learn, could start an online business and make their first 10k online without ever cold-calling, chasing after people or making sales calls.

Having been in tough sales jobs and cold calling nearly all my life, you can imagine this was music to my ears.

He claimed the method he was teaching, took him from zero to six figures within 12 months online.

And he was willing to show me exactly how to do this and to prove that it worked – without asking any money from me.

Yes, my bull**** alarm went off, maybe like yours is now. It sounded too good to be true. But I was intrigued. So I decided to give it a chance to see what it was all about. 

And I’m glad I did. That guy, is now my key mentor

The online training he provided me, changed my life…and changed it for the better.

It gave me hope that there is an alternative way to building a future than just relying on a company and living paycheck-to-paycheck every month as an employee like many of us have grown up to believe. 

Quick Reality Check.

I’m still currently working in my sales job…

But I literally cannot wait for my day to start to open up my laptop and work on my business and I have to force myself to sleep at night. 

I’m excited about building a business of my own and excited to dream with confidence and certainty that those dreams can become a reality using the steps, methods and strategies provided in the training. The exact same steps, methods and strategies my key mentor used to generate multiple six and seven-figure incomes online.

However, this is not for everyone.

Not everyone is ready for change or to do what it takes to become a successful online entrepreneur.

But if you want to check out this online training for yourself so you can learn the steps, methods and strategies, get a clear understanding of what it actually takes to build an online business, follow your dreams and become the best version of yourself – maybe even the best version of yourself you’ve always wanted to be.

I highly recommend you enter your name and email below so I can send you the online training, directly into your inbox.

This training works even if you have no products to sell and have never made a single penny on the internet before.

This is free. There is no charge for this and there’s no catch. 

If you feel it’s not for you, simply unsubscribe and you won’t hear from me again.

But if you enjoy the content and get massive value from the training, we can take it from there…

Mark Villarosa

About Mark:

Mark is presently working as a senior corporate online sales consultant. He’s written a book on online marketing published on Amazon, written and produced several musical albums released on iTunes and also helps people make a start in transforming their passions in life into an online business.

It’s JUST like having a newborn baby…

Ok, you’re probably wondering, “what does he know about having a baby?!”😅 

Well, I have a son. He’s no longer a baby though, he’s a grown man now and someone I’m very proud of😊 

He was born during my years in University when I was only 21 years old, scared sh*tless and doing my best to be brave about the future. 

I remember looking at him when he was a baby, so small he could literally fit in the palms of both my hands and wonder how he’d turn out when he’s grown. 

What will he look like? Will he be popular with the girls? Will he be successful? What will he do for a living? Will he inherit my musical genes? 

I would look at him sleeping and feel protective over him, and also feel overwhelming love for him at the same time. 

I find that starting and growing a business is just like that. You start with excitement and fear.

You know it’s going to be hard but also equally amazing. You have no clear idea what it will grow into. There’s going to be good days, bad days, failures, sadness and celebrations. 

There’s going to be days when you want to give up. Days you don’t feel worthy. Days when you feel so tired you can hardly keep your eyes open. Days you want to scream in frustration…. alongside many days of celebration because you absolutely nailed it. 

With consistent love and nurturing every single day it has to, and will grow into something. 

There’s no knowing what it will look like or what it will become, but you feel it’s your job to protect and defend it, until it has a chance to turn into something beautiful. 

Whatever happens, it’s going to be incredible. Because it’s yours, and is and always will be, a special part of you. 


PS: That’s how I know about having a baby 😉

Mark Villarosa - Digital Entrepreneur

About Mark:

Mark is presently working as a senior corporate online sales consultant. He’s written a book on online marketing published on Amazon, written and produced several musical albums released on iTunes and also helps people make a start in transforming their passions in life into an online business.

If you’d like to learn how to start an online business and build it around your passions, click here.

If you know what your Passion is? Read this…

One thing that’s helped me in my life is having good people around me to provide direction and support in reaching for my goals and dreams. 

I wish the same for you. 

But what you don’t need is just another training program. 

Information is everywhere! But that can also be the challenge. Because it can be overwhelming at times. 

It can also be frustrating when you get to a roadblock, and there’s no one you can turn to, who can show you exactly what to do, for exactly what you need, for your exact kind of journey, and for as long as you need it. 

And whether we like it or not, we’ve also been suddenly thrust into a new ‘online’ world. A lot of things have changed quickly. And so, we have to as well. 

If you’re serious about making a change in your life not just in starting or growing an online business, but also in developing yourself as a person. I highly recommend the “All-In Package“. 

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It has absolutely everything you need to start and grow an online business, and to shift your life to reach your full potential in the direction of your passion.

I’ve invested in this myself which is why I can recommend it with no hestitation.

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Mark Villarosa - Online Entrepreneur

About Mark:

Mark is presently working as a senior corporate online sales consultant. He’s written a book on online marketing published on Amazon, written and produced several musical albums released on iTunes and also helps people make a start in transforming their passions in life into an online business.

How to make your first 10k online

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Mark Villarosa - Digital Entprepreneur
Born in the Philippines, Mark moved to the UK with his family as a teenager. Mark is presently working in a corporate sales and business development role while building his business as a digital marketer. He’s written a book on online marketing published on Amazon, produced a musical album released on iTunes and also helps people make a start in transforming their passions in life into an online business.