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Thanks for dropping in! My name is Mark Villarosa, friends call me MV. I’m a creative person and a musician 🎸

Mark Villarosa - the Online Business Coach for Creative People.

I started my business as an online business coach and marketing consultant in 2010.

For over 10+ years I’ve been using my knowledge and experience to help people get to page #1 of Google, increase inquiries by up to 500% and grow the businesses they love 🔥

I’ve helped creative people from many walks of life – hypnotherapists, massage therapists, photographers, life coaches, vocal coaches, musicians, DJs, fitness instructors, medical practitioners, solicitors, bottled water suppliers and eCommerce & online entrepreneurs.

I can help you too.

I run an online group called the Freedom To Be Community where I support my members with their marketing challenges.

If you want to reduce the overwhelm and get ‘real-time’ support in helping you grow your business and get results without costing the earth…

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“5 must-have digital assets to grow your business”