Hi, my name’s Mark Villarosa. Welcome to my website ‘Freedom To Be’.

Mark Villarosa

You probably landed here because you were inspired or intrigued by one of my posts.

What I do

I’m a music & travel lover, introvert and online entrepreneur based in the UK.

I love spreading positivity and encouraging, guiding & inspiring others to be who they dream to be.

I got started as an online entrepreneur because I wanted freedom from my 9-5 office job to do the things I love like playing my music…

Mark Villarosa

And travelling with my partner Claire.

My mission is to help as many people as I can who want to gain the online skills to,

▶️Start their own business

▶️Generate passive income from their personal interests and passions

▶️Sell products profitably on powerhouses like eBay and Amazon

▶️Discover their purpose, provide value to others, and earn from what they love

You don’t need IT skills to start your own online business. You just need a laptop and wifi.

Let me show you how.

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Mark Villarosa

Learn the online skills to start your own business, and earn from what you love.