Discover How to Leverage the Power of the Internet to Escape your 9-5 and be free to do the things you really Love in life.


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WHO am I?

Hi! my name is Mark. 
I'm a big fan of travelling to beautiful beaches... 

...and playing my guitar : )

I'm also an online entrepreneur on a mission to inspire and teach people how to leverage the power of the internet, so they can escape their 9-5 jobs and be free to do the things they really love.

It's not just about making money, it's about earning more, by working less and  creating the freedom to enjoy life!



My mission is to help people gain the online skills to become self-reliant, fearless & free in today's digital economy.


What will  you get?

A FREE 3-part video training series.
You'll learn how to...

‚ŹļLaunch an online business completely from scratch, effectively, profitably and as quickly as realistically possible, even if you have little to no IT skills

‚ŹļSet up automated systems so you can create the freedom to work anywhere & anytime

‚ŹļGenerate 'passive income' that keeps paying even when you're not working, using a simple formula with the potential to bring in 6-figures a year

...and a lot more.