Learn how to Harness your Passion, turn it into an Online Business & Create an Exciting Lifestyle of Freedom by your Design.


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WHO am I?

My name is Mark Villarosa. I'm an online consultant , entrepreneur and marketer.  In my spare time I enjoy playing the guitarūüéłas a hobby.

I also wrote a book about online marketing called "Converting Clicks Into Clients"  published on Amazon.com.

As for the musician part, I've also written and produced lots of music through the years including an album called "A Man Who Dreams Awake" released on iTunes and Spotify.



 My passion is to inspire and help people follow their dreams and achieve the kind of self-fulfilment and personal freedom that means something to them. 


What will  I give you?

I'll be sending you a free online training workshop to show you how to harness your passions, turn them into an online business and create a lifestyle of personal  freedom by your design.