1:1 Consultancy & Coaching guidelines

Mark Villarosa - The Online Business Coach for Creative People

The 1:1 consultancy & coaching calls take place on Zoom. So we’re on the same page, here’s what you can expect.

What I won’t be doing for you…

  • I won’t be working as your webmaster or IT support
  • If you’re a no-show, your session may be forfeited
  • I won’t be chasing you to take sessions; it’s your responsibility to schedule & attend them

Now for the good part : )

Here’s what I WILL do for you…

🔵 All my 20+ yrs knowledge and experience in sales and marketing will be used to help you grow your business

🔵 I’ll provide you with guidance and advice on best practices

🔵 I’ll help you create and structure an online marketing business plan and prioritise objectives to move your business forward

🔵 I’ll encourage and support you, and occasionally if needed, tough love 😊 to keep you on track towards your income objectives

If you apply what we work on, and be consistent, you will see results happening quickly, even dramatically.


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“His positive energy not only influences you, it inspires you to achieve it. He puts a lot of thought into everything he does, a great leader who shows you how it’s done.

Ebenezer Kumar

Ebenezer Kumar – Head of Strategic PartnershipsYoactive

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