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My name is Mark Villarosa, friends call me MV.

Mark Villarosa - Online Business Coach

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Mark’s insight & understanding into my business was exceptional, spending time to understand what I do and the intricacies of how things work.

I’ve worked with business coaches before but no one with such great attention to detail with such a personalised service.

I’m looking forward to working with Mark ongoing to get a sustainable sales system in place for my company.

Thank you Mark!

Anna Martin

Anna Martin – Dance Fitness Instructor, Founder – Always Moving Forward

Although I’ve only been working with Mark for a short period of time, he’s used his experience and expertise to push and challenge me which is already altering my way of thinking. 

His constructive and personalised approach has helped me to focus on areas that are critical to developing our brand and business. 

I’m looking forward to working further with Mark!


Steve Christmas – CEO & Founder, Good Vibes Music Academy

You are awesome and I deeply respect your online marketing knowledge.

Continue being exceptional Mark.

Cat Paterson - RTT specialist and Hypnotherapist

Catherine Paterson – Clinical Hypnotherapist, Wim Hof Method Instructor

Mark is an exceptional online marketeer and increased our incoming leads by over 500% after just one campaign.

His advice has been invaluable and allowed us to massively improve our lead funnel. I’d highly recommend his services!

Claire Burlison - Brand Director Clubbercise

Claire Burlison – Founder & Brand Director, Clubbercise

Mark suceeded over a short period of time to make a real change to how my company is visible online. Not only does he understand the business of SEO, he also advised me on the “Do’s” and“Dont’s” and pitfalls to avoid.

On top of this, he’s a really nice person who cares about your opinion and vision. I highly recommend having a chat with him to find out what he can do for your business

Eva Brandt

Eva Brandt – Music Consultant, Managing Director – Eva Brandt Music

In a competitive world where the internet may seem like the Wild Wild West of cyberspace-cowboys, bounty hunters and rogues. Mark stands out as that “one of a kind”, badge-wearing sheriff that fights for true justice and what is right!

Mark’s integrity, knowledge, strategic work ethic and results are only some of the reasons why I would highly recommend him without hesitation.

Josh Alamu

Joshua Alamu – Vocal Coach, Managing Director – Mad About The Voice Ltd.

From one who has used his services for my Intuitive Therapy business. I can definitely vouch for the super skills of Mark where Online Marketing and SEO work is concerned.

Always over-delivered, always lovely to speak to and always understood just what I was needing for my business.


Catrima Gabrielle – Intuitive Therapist, NLP Master Practitioner

Mark is an energising and positive influence with a natural style that puts you at ease and allows you to be yourself. He actively listens and is quick to understand challenges, but also good at probing and challenging you to be honest with yourself.

One of his key qualities is providing alternative perspectives and approaches to challenges, and enabling you to have effective ways of overcoming these. You are always left with a greater awareness of yourself and your situations.

Jasmina L.

Mark has been like my website ‘doctor’ giving me a clear diagnosis of what steps I should take to bring both my website and business to the next level.

I would highly recommend mark as I have found him to be reliable, knowledgeable and he has a common sense approach, Mark has explained things to me in a language I understand, again highly recommended.

Malcolm Conlan

Malcolm Conlan – Blogger, Social Media Influencer

I’m a small business owner in London and Mark has inspired me to work on my SEO again, which is great! And thanks to Mark I now have my Google+ photograph smiling next to my website when people search for my keywords in Google, which I am convinced will make me stand out from the competition without pictures.

Recommending me to work with Google+ has been very valuable, as it will bring me more clicks, leads and business.

Karin Peters

Karin Peters – Life Coach

Thanks to Mark, in just a few months, I have the number 1 position on the Google listings page for my name (I never knew there were so many Fiona Nicolsons!) and I am on Page 1 for my key geographic target and moving rapidly towards the top.

It is such a pleasure to work with Mark as he goes beyond the expected to support with highly knowledgeable help and advice, he really knows his stuff and is super professional!

Fiona Nicolson

Fiona Nicolson – Hypnotherapist

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Mark Villarosa - The Online Business Coach for Creative People