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I love helping passionate business owners and entrepreneurs build their brand, become more visible online and get more of their dream customers.

Mark Villarosa

A lot of business owners either don’t have the time to do online marketing themselves, or they don’t have the time to do it well.

20% of new businesses don’t make it past their first year, and 60% struggle within 3-5 years.

There’s lots of reasons why this happens, one of them is not having a regularly executed marketing strategy….and sometimes, not even having a strategy at all!

Marketing is a key aspect of any business succeeding and continuing to succeed.

The key is to do it consistently.

Putting Soul into Digital Marketing

That’s where I can help. I provide a done-for-you marketing service with passion, integrity and creativity, so you can be free to focus on other things you love about your business.

You may be a rising entrepreneur, a sole trader, or an established company in a competitive market.

No two businesses will be exactly alike. There’s no “typical” online marketing package either as everyone will have different needs.

Rest assured, whatever your budget, we’ll be able to customise a plan to help you generate more online brand visibility, inquiries, and customers, and free up your time!

So, how much will this cost you?

My initial consultancy is complimentary.

If you feel compelled to thank me? you can buy me a cup of coffee (latte, thanks☕😊).

We can discuss investment levels in my services after I’ve understood your business and I’m clear about what you want, your goals and your desired outcome. I can consult with you better if that’s in place first.

Results driven

Pay-as-you-go. Stay with me as long as you’re satisfied and happy with the results I’m delivering for you.

You can check out my services👉 here.

If you’re passionate about your business and love what you do, I’d love to hear from you…

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Client Reviews

Mark is an exceptional online marketeer and increased our incoming leads by over 500% after just one campaign.

His advice has been invaluable and allowed us to massively improve our lead funnel. I’d highly recommend his services!

Claire Burlison - Brand Director Clubbercise

Claire BurlisonFounder & Brand Director, Clubbercise

Mark is a very good motivator, great energy, very kind person, positive, and can guide you towards your success.

He answered my questions fast, gave me a video sample of what was missing in my business and another sample of what can be done.

I had a very positive impression of what he’s doing, and I strongly recommend him to anyone.

Viory Milea

Viory MileaBusiness Owner, Diamond Media

Mark succeeded over a short period of time to make a real change to how my company is visible online. Not only does he understand the business of SEO, he also advised me on the “Do’s” and“Dont’s” and pitfalls to avoid.

I especially like the work he does in writing promotional articles for my business. I run a busy studio and don’t have time to market my business as much as I’d like, so Mark is a big help in this regard!

On top of this, he is a really nice person who cares about your opinion and vision. I highly recommend having a chat with him to find out what he can do for your business

Eva Brandt

Eva BrandtArtist Development Coach

Since we hired him, Mark has been consulting with us on a regular basis and I’m always kept informed as to what the next steps of his strategy are.

We’ve now risen to the giddy heights of Page 1 on Google for the phrase that matters the most to us.

Google-related enquiries have noticeably increased since he’s taken up the reins of getting Galloway Photography back on track in the SEO game, and I pretty much expect that things will continue to improve and I would thoroughly recommend him.


Richard GallowayAward-Winning Wedding Photographer

Mark has been working on my site for a good while now and I have found him to be a really professional and innovative SEO expert.

He has taken my website from the Google wilderness (a brand new website with no ranking) to page 1 in a relatively short period of time…very impressive! he is always enthusiastic, proactive…and a nice guy too.

David Samson

David SamsonHarley St. Clinical Hypnotherapist and BBC consultant

Mark was chosen as he showed that he spent time to analyse our current position, and suggested excellent Marketing as well as SEO tips. Since his appointment, he has not disappointed.

Mark has got to know the industry and our company, and in a relatively short period has performed beyond my expectations.

Nick Swan

Nick SwanManaging Director, Love Water Ltd.

In a competitive world where the internet may seem like the Wild Wild West of cyberspace-cowboys, bounty hunters and rogues. Mark stands out as that “one of a kind”, badge-wearing sheriff that fights for true justice and what is right!

Mark’s integrity, knowledge, strategic work ethic and results are only some of the reasons why I would highly recommend him without hesitation.

Josh Alamu

Joshua AlamuManaging Director, Mad About The Voice Ltd.

From one who has used his services for my Intuitive Therapy business. I can definitely vouch for the super skills of Mark where Online Marketing and SEO work is concerned.

Always over-delivered, always lovely to speak to and always understood just what I was needing for my business.


Catrima GabrielleIntuitive Therapist

One thing to say about Mark is that he’s a very comprehensive guy and very cool. He’s very professional and knows what he’s talking about.

We have seen results very fast and it was really impressive. Another important thing is, he will always tell you what to do before your commitment. We finally found the right person to help us in our projects.

Fabio Martins

Fabio MartinsCompany Owner, DJ News Magazine

Mark is a knowledgeable and enthusiastic Social Media and Digital Marketing expert. He’s meticulous in his approach looking for sustainable long-term rankings whilst avoiding the potentially damaging ‘quick-fix’.

His passion for social marketing shows through in his innovative and detailed strategic proposal and we would definitely recommend him.

Tony Heywood

Tony HeywoodCEO, e sell it

We’ve been working with Mark for more than 4 months now and he’s done a fantastic job in building up numerous backlinks for us.

He’s also produced a number of videos for us, which is helping to draw further traffic to our website. We’re also delighted that he’s helped us to Google ranking no 1 for the phrase “massage–chiswick”.

He’s incredibly enthusiastic, accessible and helpful and has helped answer many queries I had on SEO. I would recommend him to any business looking to build their online web presence.

Fran Kehoe

Fran KehoeDirector, The Massage Centre

Mark has been like my website ‘doctor’ giving me a clear diagnosis of what steps I should take to bring both my website and business to the next level.

I would highly recommend mark as I have found him to be reliable, knowledgeable and he has a common sense approach, Mark has explained things to me in a language I understand, again highly recommended.

Malcolm Conlan

Malcolm ConlanFounder, Fil-Event.com

Mark worked on our project during its beginning phase while we were getting our online marketing up and running. He was very helpful, delivered on schedule and displayed professionalism at all times, very happy to recommend him.

Clement Wong

Clement WongCEO & Growth Hacker

I’m a small business owner in London and Mark has inspired me to work on my SEO again, which is great! which is great! And thanks to Mark I now have my Google+ photograph smiling next to my website when people search for my keywords in Google, which I am convinced will make me stand out from the competition without pictures.

Recommending me to work with Google+ has been very valuable, as it will bring me more clicks, leads and business.

Karin Peters

Karin PetersLife Coach, Vitalis

Thanks to Mark, in just a few months, I have the number 1 position on the Google listings page for my name (I never knew there were so many Fiona Nicolsons!) and I am on Page 1 for my key geographic target and moving rapidly towards the top.

His SEO work for me has really helped me to successfully drive my business at this early stage of development.

Fiona Nicolson

Fiona NicolsonCognitive Hypnotherapist

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