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A comprehensive & user-friendly step-by-step guide to building and growing your business and winning customers online.

A book about online marketing? does that even make sense? The internet changes every day…and once this book is in your hands it becomes outdated – fast, right?

While the Internet is fluid, and things do change from time to time rather quickly, there are tried, tested and true principles that will never change.

In fact, they will only increase in effectiveness as the internet grows and matures. What you will find inside are “stable principles”. In other words, they work when you implement them.

If you want straightforward guidance in building and growing your business that’s simple to understand

This book is for you!

Some Amazon reviews…


Matt Garrow Fisher “Easy to read and follow.”

Thought it might be full of techie-jargon, was pleasantly surprised how easy this book is to read – it’s like the author is a friend, explaining it to you over coffee.

Full of insights, great tips and advice about getting your business up and running online.


Kerslay Lewis Luximon “Fantastic for finding solutions.”

The Book is fantastic for finding solutions, I keep it like my directory in my day-to-day routine.

Fantastic work Mr. Mark Villarosa. I look forward to another book in the near future.

Kind Regards,



Simon Mabbutt “Information Second to None.”

This is a breath of fresh air. Lots of hints, advice and generally uplifting. Discovered so much info I wasn’t aware of. Highly recommended.


Tracey Gemmell “This book is like having a marketing team in your back pocket!”

As an indie author, I’m always looking for ways to stand out in a crowded publishing market. Writing a novel is the easy part. Selling that novel is a whole different ballgame. I struggled to find my audience due to limited knowledge of the fundamentals of marketing.

Enter Mark Villarosa.

‘Converting Clicks into Clients’ is a fabulous resource for rookies and experienced marketers alike. His book mainly uses examples of physical businesses and how to gain market share in a particular location.

However, I found I could use his advice to build an international following for online book sales. I learned what I needed to include in my website, which social media platforms may best serve my needs, and how to begin the task of identifying keywords to help with SEO.

And that’s just the beginning. This book is like having a marketing team in your back pocket! Mark shares his knowledge in a well-written, user-friendly, logical sequence. He explains the advantages of each step, and the pitfalls of not using them correctly, in a manner that doesn’t overwhelm.

In fact, he inspires confidence in taking on tasks I once considered too confusing to implement. I particularly like the ‘Just the Facts’ section at the end of each chapter and the screenshot examples of many concepts. The glossary is also of benefit.

I highly recommend ‘Converting Clicks into Clients’ as a cost-effective investment for anyone looking to elevate their business profile.


Shane M. “Great Insight with a Unique Approach.”

I enjoyed this book for a number of reasons. The quality of the information is strong and is up to date with today’s strategies.

I’m interested to see what else follows this as it’s a great read for people looking at innovative ways to create better opportunities.




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