Consultative Sales with Integrity

Are you…

⏺️A founder of a promising start-up or small/mid-sized business poised for more growth?

⏺️A social media influencer?

⏺️A Director, Manager or Head of Sales/Marketing?

If you have inbound leads you need support in qualifying, closing and converting into paying customers, I can help.

I will get up to speed fast in learning about your core proposition, and the benefits and USP of your product/service.

You only pay based on the results I bring.

I have 20+ years of experience with consultative sales, I can help…

👉🏼Speak directly with your prospects and close sales for you consultatively

👉🏼Represent your brand with professionalism and integrity

👉🏼Free you to do other things you enjoy more about your business

Step 1

Let’s have an initial call so I can better understand your personal business objectives and goals.

Step 2

After our initial conversation ( if there’s a good match), I’ll also provide you with a free and personalised project plan on how I can help your business.

If you’re happy to go ahead? I’m happy to do a short trial.

You only pay based on the customers I win for you.

Step 3

Get in touch, and let’s have an informal chat. Schedule a free call on my Calendly…

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Some client reviews…

I had the pleasure to work with Mark as a customer. Mark has a natural talent for sales. He closed the contract with us in a highly professional way. I would like to also highlight his integrity as he always looked after us, making sure we were always informed on everything, which was appreciated a lot!

Noemi Spescha

Mark is one of those rare salespeople that guides his clients, helping them solve their business problems – rather than selling his products. In his consultative approach, he seeks to understand the problem and finds a way to help.

Daragh O’Byrne

Mark is not a typical ‘pushy’ salesperson but looks to develop long-term client relationships based on trust and success. Words to describe Mark are – warm personality, engaging, genuine, trustworthy, absolute professional at all times, a guru in his field, pleasure to work with and to know as a person. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark Villarosa.

Amanda Steward

Amanda Steward

Mark helped us on multiple marketing and communication topics and I really enjoyed our collaboration. Mark is the kind of salesperson you want to deal with because he really cares about your business and its success without being pushy or pervasive.

Remy EA

He is consistent and follows up regularly, but on top of all the skills you would expect from a top salesperson he is also kind and non-pushy. I’d recommend working with him for both marketers as well as employers.

Silvia Ghita

He genuinely seeks to drive the maximum value from campaigns and supports us throughout the process. Mark is also refreshingly honest, ensuring that the end-to-end campaign cycle is fully understood and helping us to respond to the challenges of each programme appropriately.

David Hetling

Get in touch, and let’s have an informal chat. Schedule a free call on my Calendly…

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Mark Villarosa - consultative high ticket closer
Mark Villarosa
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