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My e-book (Price/Buy)

I wrote this book to help small business owners grow their customer base by making online marketing fun and simple to learn.

Converting Clicks Into Clients e book - Mark Villarosa

My Music Album (Price/Buy)

My EP! 😊🤘 full of uplifting and inspiring songs. Hope you enjoy it!

Mark Villarosa - Musician and Online Entrepreneur

Some Books I love and Highly Recommend (Price/Buy)

This book REALLY helped me discover my ‘core values’ as a human being. An incredible investment in being a better man for others.

Need I say more?..😅

Some Musical Gadgets I love and use (Price/Buy)

I use this sometimes to create harmonies on my voice when I’m playing live. It’s really cool, as it follows the chords of your guitar strumming, so all the harmonies are always in tune! Love it😊🤘

This one’s a fun little gadget. Really handy if you want to add some live percussion to your set if you’re a solo artist on stage (and your drummer’s on holiday).