Identify your purpose

Why identifying your purpose (first) is essential to building a business you love.

Finding your purpose is one of the most important steps towards building a meaningful life and a successful business you love ❤️

Introverts, empaths and creative people have lots of gifts they can share with the world. Knowing what you’re really here to do, will provide you with a clearer path to do that.

When you know what your purpose is, you can build a business around,

👉A clear and inspiring vision

👉A sense of having a mission, that’s bigger than you that inspires💥others

👉A deep understanding of the values and motivations of the people (i.e. the customers) you want to serve – who may even desperately need your help, skill, and talent to make their lives better

It’s not just about making a profit, but about making a positive impact on the world and fulfilling a deeper sense of meaning and satisfaction that’s worth infinitely more than just going into business purely to make money.

Take the time to reflect and really think about what you would like to contribute to the world

One of the key benefits of having a clear purpose is it will provide you with a strong sense of direction and focus.

When you know what you want to achieve, you’ll be able to prioritise your efforts, make smarter decisions, and stay motivated especially when the going gets tough!

Real connection❤️

Another important factor in building a purpose-driven business is the ability to connect with your customers on a really deep level.

When you understand what motivates your customers, you’ll be able to create products and services that really meet their needs in a way that’s both effective and meaningful.

This connection can help you build a loyal base of customers who will be more likely to recommend you to others, enabling you to grow your business over time.

Teamwork makes the dream work💪

Having a clear purpose can also help you build a strong and cohesive network of people to help you make your vision and goals come true.

When everyone’s working towards a common goal, you’re more likely to be engaged, which can lead to higher levels of collaboration, innovation, productivity and fun!

Finding your purpose is an essential step towards building a meaningful and successful business because it will:

Provide you with a clear sense of direction,

Help you connect with people/customers on a deeper level,

Enable you to build a strong network of contacts who can help you.

So if you’re thinking about starting something, take the time to really think deeply about what your purpose is first, then get going and start growing that awesome business around it!

You got this👊

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Mark Villarosa
3-step guide to find your purpose and start building your dream business