Harsh Reality Check…

For many people the average govt. pension will not be enough to live on when the time comes 

In the UK it’s around £8,000 annually, or £671 per month.

If you don’t own your own home, or have savings set aside, that may not be enough to cover housing, utilities, food and generally just living decently.

Now is the time to start learning how to start and grow your own side hustle or main business ‘online’.

Online gives you a fighting chance to transform what you –

⏺️Are good at and interested in
⏺️Can teach others
⏺️Are passionate about

And turn it into an actual business, where your marketplace and customers are unlimited because of the internet.

Building a business online will give you a fighting chance to stand with grace and dignity with the life you really want and deserve -without depending on the govt. or a job to sustain you.

I’m 51 yrs old. Most of you following me are probably in your 40s+? it’s time to start thinking proactively about the future.

The time is now, while you still can.

Let’s turn your passion 🔥 into a purpose, and your purpose into a business; Then let’s make that business earn while you sleep.

I’m launching an online business coaching group very soon to help creatives, empaths & introverts with exactly this sort of thing.

Coming soon!


The Power of Building a Brand 🌟 for your Small Business.

Hey guys, ever wondered what exactly a “brand” is and why it’s important in building your business? 🤔 Let’s break it down…

A brand isn’t just a logo or a catchy slogan; it’s the personality and reputation of your business. It’s the sum of all the experiences, emotions, and perceptions people have about you and your company.

Here’s why that’s important,

1️⃣ Trust & Credibility: A strong brand establishes trust with your customers. It signals reliability and quality, making people more likely to choose your products or services over anyone else

2️⃣ Recognition: A memorable brand is instantly recognizable, making it easier for your business to stand out in a crowded market

3️⃣ Customer Loyalty: A solid brand creates loyal customers who keep coming back. They become your brand fans and advocates, and spread the word to others!

4️⃣ Consistency: Your brand provides a foundation for consistency in messaging, design, and customer experience. This helps you build an ‘identity’ that’s easily recognisable and makes you stand out

5️⃣ Value: When you have a strong brand you can command higher prices, as you’re associated with perceived value and quality

So, even if you’re still a small growing startup, remember, YOU🌟 are a unique individual, therefore your brand is your unique fingerprint. Invest your time in developing and nurturing it, it’s important in making your business flourish! 🚀

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Let your dreams LEAD you

Mark Villarosa - Online Entrepreneur

When I was a teenager…

My dreams were of me onstage, playing music, there were smiling faces of people, I would play my guitar and sing and I made lots of people happy.

I also dreamt of adventure. Driving a car and a motorcycle with the wind in my hair.

Travelling to new places, meeting new people and making new friends.

Those were the dreams I had.

It took me many, many years of soul searching and personal self-development before I found my way back to living the dreams my boyhood self had.

As children, many of us were taught to suppress our natural belief that we could be whatever we dreamed to be, often by well-meaning people who just wanted the best for us.

But in wishing to protect us from falling and getting hurt, may have also clipped our wings and grounded us.

What were your dreams?

What or Who did you want to become?

The dreams we have, especially when we’re young are the essence of who we really are, and who we’re meant to be.

Don’t ever give up on your dreams.

Stay close to them in any way you can.

Dreams are a language our souls use to communicate our deepest and highest purpose in life.

If you have dreams that keep coming back to nudge you every so often?

Listen to them.

That’s your soul trying to remind you, who you really are.


Mark Villarosa - Online Entrepreneur

I’m on a mission to help creative, business-minded people learn how to use Affiliate Marketing and eCommerce to start their own business and earn from the things they love.

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