Who’s Mark?

Hi, my name’s Mark Villarosa, friends call me MV.

Welcome to Freedom To Be.

Mark Villarosa - the Online Business Coach for Creative People.

You may have been intrigued, or inspired by one of my online posts, or I asked you to visit…

Either way, thanks for dropping in!

I’m a creative person and a musician 🎸 I’ve written a book on online marketing and SEO published on Amazon.

Converting Clicks Into Clients - Mark Villarosa

I also have 20+ years sales experience working for different corporate organisations; I’ve managed global sales teams in both London and India.

In 2010, I went my own way and started my own business as an online business coach and marketing consultant.

Since then I’ve been using my sales experience and knowledge of SEO and online marketing to help many business owners get into Google’s page 1, increase sales inquiries and develop passive income streams by setting up automated systems.

Mark Villarosa - The Online Business Coach for Creative People

I run an exclusive online monthly workshop for creative people called the,

Freedom To Be Community“.

It’s an inspirational and supportive space dedicated to providing online marketing guidance to reduce overwhelm, increase sales and help you grow the business you love 🔥

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Converting Clicks Into Clients - Mark Villarosa

All of the strategies I’ve used to quickly propel business owners into page 1 of Google and increase their sales inquiries are captured in this step-by-step guide.