Fight for your Dreams✊

Me playing guitar at 6 years old

One day when I was a young boy…I was practising playing the guitar and having fun with it when my Grandfather came up and said to me…

“Don’t waste your time with that. Study hard, there’s no money being a musician, get good grades so you can get a good job”. 

Although he meant well, I only realised later on in my life how much what he said affected me as a young boy and my confidence in expressing my true self.

So, later in life, to please my loved ones I went to University, graduated and went down the corporate route, specialising in sales & marketing and in fairness my financial situation and professional status kept on rising.

But the more focused and successful I was in my corporate career, the more my soul felt…”sick”.

Like there was a big emptiness & sadness in my heart…

I also felt strangely guilty – as if I had abandoned that little boy who loved to play music. 


 I spent many years feeling guilty, confused and sad about this – before I finally worked out that music and expression was always inside of me, just waiting to be let out and set free again.

I think a lot of people have this experience when they’re young, when someone, maybe a parent or teacher, advises them to take a practical route in studying hard and getting a ‘good job’.

But what most people find later on in life, is that just having a job that pays the bills isn’t what makes them truly happy,

It’s being able to express themselves freely and sharing whatever natural talents they have with others, that creates real self-fulfilment.

Wherever you are in your life’s journey, it’s never too late to do that.

Don’t give up on your dreams🙏 fight to defend them if you have to, they are who you really are.

Even negative feelings like pain, guilt and regret can help us find and discover the right path to reach them by showing us things we need to learn about ourselves…things no one can teach us, and only time and overcoming challenges can reveal best.

The best version of you and the life of your dreams might be the result of a combination of things you have yet to discover about yourself. 

You may have to go through some dark and tough times to reach the other side…but believe me, it will be worth the journey when you arrive. 

Mark Villarosa
Mark Villarosa, Music Artist & Online Entrepreneur

It’s my Birthday today : ) 🎂

It’s a bit of a tradition that Filipinos practice where the birthday celebrant is the one who treats others!  

So, I want to honour that tradition and give you something today.

As you may already know, I love writing and playing music. I recorded and released a very special album some time ago called ‘ A Man Who Dreams Awake’ and I’m very proud of it, it’s my life’s pride and joy to date. 

I’d like you to have it as a gift 🎁 from me today🙏

If you click the album cover image below it will take you to a site called ‘Bandcamp’ where my album is hosted, then simply…

 1) Click on ‘Buy Digital Album

2) in the currency section put “0.00

3) At the bottom, click the blue link ‘download to your computer’ or ‘download this content for free’.

And the album will be sent to your phone or computer! 

Click here 👇 to go to my album

A Man Who Dreams Awake EP

I hope you enjoy one or all of the songs! and if you do, then it would make me very happy that you’re enjoying my music today🙏 

Take care & speak again soon. I’m off to make a cheeky latte as my first birthday treat to myself! 😄👍 ☕️


Mark Villarosa - Artist, Musician and Digital Entrepreneur

Know what I miss most?…

One of the things I love and miss most about playing live in a band is the chemistry and magic that happens onstage.

Mark and Live Band

It’s an amazing feeling when like-minded people are united for a common purpose, when that happens, you just cant beat it. 

I’ll be forever grateful to the guys in my band at the time who helped me transform my ideas into music you could feel, hear and experience for real. 

I think the principle is also the same when you’re building a business. 

It’s important to surround yourself with people on the same wavelength who can help you to reach your goals. 

If you have a dream you want to turn into reality…it becomes even more likely it will come true if you have the support of like-minded people who understand what you want to achieve – and who want to see you succeed.  

In fact, I’d say that’s just as important as having a dream. 

If you have a passion you want to turn into a reality…I’ve walked that road and know exactly what it feels like✊….

Let me know if I can help, guide, advise, brainstorm or bounce ideas. Reach out anytime. 

If I can help, I will.

Mark Villarosa - Artist, Musician and Digital Entrepreneur

My name is Mark Villarosa. I’m a digital creator, music artist & online entrepreneur.

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